Earth Day

Water Cycle Bingo (Free)

Use these FREE Printable Water Cycle Bingo Game Cards to practice the Water Cycle for Kids. Your kids will have fun learning about the Water Cycle with these FREE Water Cycle Bingo Cards. If you’re creating a lesson plan about the water cycle, this is the perfect fun activity to get the kids laughing and …

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Water Cycle Worksheets (Free PDF)

Get the Free Water Cycle Worksheets PDF and Learn about the Water Cycle for Kids. These simple worksheets are the perfect way to introduce preschoolers and kindergarteners to the water cycle steps. You can talk with the children about precipitation, collection, evaporation and condensation. The Free Water Cycle PDF includes three Water Cycle Diagrams to …

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Recycling Craft (Free Template)

Download the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Template and make this Easy Recycling Craft for Preschoolers. Find step-by-step instructions and Free Craft Printables on! Teach your little ones all about recycling with this reduce, reuse, recycle activity! Get the Free Recycling Craft Template below and you will be able to make enough supplies for a group of 20 kids …

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