Easy Paper Rose – Mother’s Day Craft (Free Template)

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Mothers Day Rose by Crafting Jeannie

Download the Free Flower Printable and make this Mother’s Day Rose. Find step-by-step instructions and Free Craft Printables on CraftingJeannie.com!

This is a fun and easy craft to make for Mother’s Day or any day! Elementary-aged kids should be able to make this beautiful paper rose by using the Free Paper Rose Printable (with detailed instructions), and watching the Instructional Video (below).

Mother's Day Rose Craft by Crafting Jeannie

Or you can cut out all of the petals for a group of kids and guide them through the steps. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your Paper Rose craft!

Watch the Flower Craft video and see how easy it is to make the supplies and assemble this Mother’s Day Rose:

Did you know you can eat roses? Read more on Better Homes & Gardens.

Here’s what you need:

Here’s your Mother’s Day Rose supply list (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read my disclosure policy for more information):

Do this Flower activity for preschoolers while reading these Fun Mother’s Day Books:

Step 1: Download and Print the Free Flower Printable

Download the Free Paper Rose Printable. In the next step, learn how to quickly cut out as many shapes as you need.

paper rose template by Craftng Jeannie
The free flower printable includes everything you need for this craft.

Step 2: Staple and cut out the rose petals and base

Once you have the petal templates, you will need to cut them out and staple them to up to 8 sheets paper. That’s my SECRET to fast & easy crafting.

Did you know, you can staple together 8-10 pieces of copy paper and cut out 8 shapes at a time?! Stapling the paper is very important because it makes sure it doesn’t move as you cut. The more staples the better. Repeat stapling and cutting for each template.

staple rose template to paper
Staple each part of the template to multiple sheets of paper to quickly cut out lots of shapes at once. Don’t forget to cut the slit in the petal template when you are finished cutting out the shape!

Before you throw away the template, don’t forget to cut the slit in the bottom of the petals!

Continue stapling each template to multiple sheets of paper and cutting out the petals and the base.

For each rose, you will need:

  • 8 large petals
  • 6 small petals
  • 3 “clover” petals
  • 1 square base
Paper rose pieces
You need these pieces to make ONE rose.

Step 3: Create center bud with clover petals

Once everything is cut out, start with the 3 “clover” petals. This would be a good time to watch the rose instructional video (click here).

Note: I found for making the rosebud center, that tape was much easier to work with than glue, especially for kids. And it’s practically invisible in the final rose. Here are the steps to make the bud:

making the rose bud by taping pieces together

Step 3.1: Fold up two opposite petals and tape the sides together.

paper rose bud taped together

Step 3.2: Tape the other side together in the same way and then tape everything to make a small circle

making paper rose bud

Step 3.3: Pull up the remaining two petals and loosely tape them to the center circle.

Step 3.4: Place the first taped bud (the circle you just finished) on top of the second clover. Then, pull up the petals individually and loosely tape them to center bud.

finishing the center rose bud
continue taping the “clover” petals to the rosebud until you have used all three “clovers”.

Repeat this for third clover until you are finished.

Step 4: Glue the bottom of the Large and Small petals to form 3-D petals

Next, make sure you have a cut in the bottom center of all of your petals. You are going to glue the bottoms of the large and small petals to make them 3-D. Tip: I found that glue sticks works best for this part.

Again, this would be a good time to refer to the paper rose video. Here are the steps:

add glue to the bottom of the rose petal

Step 4.1: Spread glue on paper to the left of the cut on the bottom of the petal.

folding the rose petal over itself to make it 3-D

Step 4.2: Lift up right side of cut and slide it to the left. Push down on the left side over the glue. This should make your petal stand up right

Repeat for ALL large and small petals

Step 5: Glue Petals to base to make your Paper Rose

You’re almost done! You just have to glue those petals together to make the rose. Tip: I found that liquid school glue works best for this part. Here are the steps:

glue on the square rose base
base with glue and all pieces of rose

Step 5.1: Start with the square base. Add a lot of white school glue, you will be adding four petals to start.

three petals glued to the rose base
Three large petals glued to the square base

Step 5.2: Glue the bottom of four large petals to the square base. One on each side.

Step 5.3: Glue four more large petals inside the first set of petals. Don’t glue petals in the exact same places, but across and between for balance.

adding smaller petals to the rose

Step 5.4: Next, glue three small petals inside of the large petals. Continue adding petals, until you like what the rose looks like.

rose filled with glue ready for bud

Step 5.5: Finally glue in center bud!

Step 6: Make Optional Message Petals

Use the small petal template to cut out a few petals in a different color. I chose red. Do not cut the slit in the bottom of these petals, instead you trim the bottom off the petal.

making message petals with darker paper
trim the bottom of small petals

Finally, write a message on each petal and stick it into the final rose. Enjoy!

Paper Rose with Message Petals by Crafting Jeannie
write messages on petals and put them in the rose

And you’re finished!

Mother's Day Rose Craft by Crafting Jeannie

Your Rose is finished! This Mother’s Day rose is a perfect classroom Mother’s Day craft for elementary school, scouts or just for fun at home.

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As always, I try to make my crafts fast, easy & inexpensive. Enjoy! 

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