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If you’re looking for Free Craft Printables for Kids, You’re in the right place! Crafting Jeannie is your headquarters for Free Craft Templates!

I love using printable templates to make crafts with kids. In fact, I love it so much, I made a whole website about it. I’m so glad you found me. On CraftingJeannie.com, EVERY SINGLE CRAFT comes with a Craft Printable. Let me tell you a little bit more, and while I do, I’ll share some of my favorite crafts which all come with a FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE.

How I discovered Printable Craft Templates

When my daughter was in preschool, I volunteered to help cut out her class crafts. My job was to trace a bunch of elephants onto the paper and cut them out. Check out my Elephant Craft with Free Printable Here. This elephant isn’t the exact one I had to trace, but he’s lots of fun and would be great for a zoo lesson plan or at home fun.

elephant craft with template by Crafting Jeannie
Paper Elephant Craft – Free Printable

I was frustrated with how long it took me to trace all of those elephants! It took me a while to think of a solution, but I finally realized I needed a printable template. I took a picture of the elephant, pasted it into my computer, and printed it out. Now I didn’t have to trace any more elephants! And that began my love of Craft Printables!

Why I Love Craft Printables So Much and Why You Should Too?

Because, you and your kids shouldn’t have to be Michelangelo to get the craft to look the way it does online. 

One of my favorite things about craft templates is that you don’t have to be creative or an amazing artist. What you see, is what you get. Using a template guarantees the craft will come out like it’s supposed to, Every Single Time! Awesome right?! So, when you use the crafts on CraftingJeannie.com, you don’t have to worry! Choose from tons of crafts (all with templates) that are simple to make and kids will love. 

And because, finding time to craft is harder than finding where your toddler hid your keys.  

It’s no fun when it takes more time to prep the craft than to actually make it. Your kiddos finish in 2 minutes and start asking “What’s next?!”

Whether your a Preschool or Kindergarten Teacher, a Mom, or a Grandma, You can loudly shout “Craft templates to the rescue!” I couldn’t believe the time that craft templates saved me once I discovered them. With craft templates, you can let the kids pick one, two, or five crafts that they want to make. Then, all you have to do is print out the templates.

For older kids, they can follow directions and do everything by themselves. With younger kids, it just takes a few minutes to have craft pieces ready to glue.

So Start Browsing through the craft templates on this site and Have Fun Crafting!

Check Out These Fun Free Kids Printables:

Animal Craft Templates (<- Browse all of them here)

shark craft with printable template by crafting jeannie

This paper shark craft for kids is one of my favorite crafts. He so happy and fun. You can make it while listening to the song Baby Shark. But be careful that song gets stuck in your head.

paper butterfly craft by Crafting Jeannie

This sweet toddler butterfly craft is so simple. You can have the supplies ready in no time, especially if you use craft hole punchers to cut out the circles.

preschool lion craft from crafting Jeannie

This Tiger Craft for Preschoolers is super easy. Use the template to cut out the Tiger body, Tiger head, add the muzzle and the nose. Finish your tiger by drawing on some triangle stripes. This Tiger is perfect for any zoo themed day.

Easy Owl Craft

Make this Owl Craft for Toddlers. Even the littlest ones can glue the pieces of these owls together. Choose between an Owl with a heart or an Owl with a circle belly. The free template even comes with a bow.

easy jellyfish craft Crafting Jeannie

Get the Free Template for this JellyFish Craft. Like all of the crafts on this page, These jellyfish come with a free printable, it even includes the eyes. Have fun making this Ocean craft for kids.

Vehicle Craft Templates(<- Browse all of them here)

bulldozer craft by crafting Jeannie

This Bulldozer craft for toddlers is so simple, but it looks amazing! You can use the free template to cut out the shapes and even your littlest ones will have fun gluing the pieces together. Make this craft while reading some fun Construction Books.

airplane craft by Crafting Jeannie

This toddler airplane craft is one of the most popular crafts on CraftingJeannie.com It’s so simple, my four year old son even made it in the car once. Although, I highly recommend taking away the glue stick as soon as the craft is finished! haha.

preschool car craft by crafting jeannie
Race Car – Free Printable

This Preschool Race Car Craft is perfect for the little car lovers in your life. The car craft template makes it so simple to make this fun vehicle craft. Make enough for the classroom, a party, preschool or scouts in just about 10 minutes!

preschool rocket ship craft by Crafting Jeannie

Are you ready for an Out of this world craft?! Make this Easy Rocketship Craft for Toddlers. Make it with or without the heart. Talk with your little ones about outer space and get their imaginations soaring.

A Year of Crafts by Crafting Jeannie

Holiday Craft Templates

Valentine’s Day Craft Templates

Toddler Valentines craft I love you to pieces

Use the free printable template to create this easy puzzle-themed twist on the classic I Love You To Pieces Toddler Valentine’s Day Craft. Make one or twenty. You can have a whole field full of paper flowers in no time!

Avocado Craft with heart seed crafting Jeannie
Avocado Craft (Free Template)

How cute is this avocado craft? It would be perfect for a food lesson plan, pair it with a real avocado to teach children about different tastes and textures. And with the heart shaped seed, it could even be a Valentine’s Day craft!

Toddler valentine craft by Crafting Jeannie

This Toddler Flower Craft is so easy. You can make one or twenty and have a whole field full of paper flowers in no time!

St. Patrick’s Day Craft Templates

cute leprechaun craft by Crafting Jeannie

Are you ready for an easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft for kids? Quickly make the supplies for this Cute Leprechaun craft for preschoolers with step-by-step instructions and Free Printable Template!

Pot of gold craft by crafting Jeannie

This St. Patty’s Day pot of gold is lots of fun! Make this St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Craft with your kiddos. Plus, kids can write “My Treasure” on the shamrock and write some of their favorite things across the rainbow.

Toddler St. Patricks day Craft by  Crafting Jeannie

This Easy Leprechaun craft is the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Craft for Toddlers. Use the free craft printable to cut out all of the shapes and you little ones will have fun gluing it all together. Even the belt buckle is just a black rectangle glued on top of a yellow rectangle.

Easter Craft Templates

Paper Peeps craft by Crafting Jeannie

This Peeps Easter Craft with Template is so simple! Make one or twenty. Now you can have as many Peeps as you want without all of the sugar! Just cut out the peep shapes and draw on the face. Preschoolers and Kindergartens can practice scissor cutting skills with this simple and fun craft.

Toddler Easter craft from Crafting Jeannie

This Toddler Easter Craft is sooo easy. Even this littlest ones will have fun gluing and giggling. Just cut out the bunny feet from the free template.

hiding bunny craft by Crafting Jeannie

This Hiding Bunny Craft is a perfect preschool Easter Craft. Here comes the Easter Bunny! He doesn’t want to get caught so he’s hiding in the grass. Use the Free Craft printable to cut out the bunny shapes in no time.

Halloween Craft Templates

Paper Halloween Mummy by Crafting Jeannie

This Paper Mummy Craft with Template is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. They will have so much fun ripping up the paper and gluing it to their fun mummy shape.

Toddler Halloween Craft by Crafting Jeannie

This Ghost scene is the perfect Toddler Halloween Craft. Just use the template to cut out different shaped ghosts. Give your toddler a paintbrush with white school glue and let them having fun putting the ghosts wherever they want on black paper. Draw on some faces and you have a fun Halloween craft.

Tissue paper pumpkins by Crafting Jeannie
Tissue Paper Pumpkin – Free Printable

Your toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners will love ripping and smushing the tissue paper and gluing it onto their pumpkin! This is a great Toddler Halloween Pumpkin Craft. Make a large or small pumpkin and have fun with this easy craft.

A Year of Crafts by Crafting Jeannie

Christmas Craft Templates

Santa Craft template by Crafting Jeannie

Grab the Free Printable and make this Preschool Santa Craft. Cut out shapes for this fun Santa face and the kiddos can put it together like a puzzle. It’s such a fun Christmas craft for kids.

Christmas snow globe or winter snow globe craft for Crafting Jeannie

Make this fun Snow Globe Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Just use the free template to cut out the shapes and help your little one glue it all together. Toddlers will love dipping their finger in white paint to make the snowflakes. And they will have a lot of sensory fun ripping apart the cotton balls. What a fun Winter Craft or Christmas craft for toddlers and Preschoolers.

Easy Paper Ornament Craft for Kids

These preschool paper ornaments are the perfect Christmas Craft for preschoolers, toddlers and kindergarteners. They are so simple, let each child make one, two or five! You can decorate the front and back, add stickers, glitter, even add a photo. Let everyone’s imagination run wild while making a fun decoration to hang on the tree.

Printable Paper Crafts

After I discovered the awesomeness of Printable Craft Templates, I was on a mission. I wanted to make my own templates for fun and simple crafts. And it worked! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to share what I learned. That’s how CraftingJeannie.com got started.

I decided Printable Paper Crafts were the way to go and I’ve never looked back. I LOVE them. And you can find them all here! Each craft comes with a PDF of the Craft template.

Fun Printable Crafts for Toddlers, Preschool, and Kindergarten

Craft Printables - Trex, tree, giraffe, and more - by Crafting Jeannie

Want More Craft Templates? How About a whole Year’s Worth?

A Year Of Craft Printables by Crafting Jeannie

In my eBook, A Year of Crafts, You get 350+ pages of crafts. There are over 52 Crafts, and EVERY SINGLE ONE comes with a PRINTABLE TEMPLATE and Step-by-Step Instructions to make AND prepare each craft. It includes:

– 9 Animal Crafts with templates
– 7 Vehicles Crafts with templates
– 5 Food Crafts with templates
– 4 Seasons Crafts with templates
 – 6 Holidays (5+ crafts for each holiday)

Click Here to Learn More about A Year Of Crafts!

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