Airplane Craft for Preschoolers (Free Template)

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Download the Free Airplane Craft Template and make this Airplane craft for preschoolers. Find step-by-step instructions and Easy Kid Crafts on!

Airplane Craft for Preschoolers by Crafting Jeannie - green paper plane with black wings

Check out this easy and fun airplane! Kids will love making it. Get the Free Airplane Craft Template below and you will be able to make enough supplies for a group of 20 kids (or more!) with about 10 minutes of cutting.

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Watch the Airplane Craft video and see how easy it is to make the supplies and assemble this easy plane craft:

Did you know the word airplane comes from Greek words for “air” and “wandering”? Read more on Wikipedia.

Here’s What You Need

Here’s your easy aeroplane craft supply list (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read our disclosure policy for more information):

Make this aeroplane craft for preschoolers while reading these Fun Books:

Step 1: Download and Print the Free Airplane Craft Template

Download and print the Free Airplane Craft Template. In the next step, learn how to quickly cut out as many shapes as you need.

airplane craft template
The Plane Printable Template has everything you need to make this Preschool Transportation Craft.

Step 2: Staple and Cut Out the Aeroplane Craft Shapes

preschool airplane craft template ready to cut
print the airplane pdf template and staple it to multiple sheets of paper before cutting

Once you have the print outs, staple them to up to 10 sheets of copy paper, 5 sheets of cardstock or 6-10 sheets of construction paper.

So, did you know, you can staple together 10 pieces of copy paper and cut out 10 shapes at a time?! That’s my SECRET to fast & easy crafting. Stapling the paper is very important because it makes sure it doesn’t move as you cut. The more staples the better. Cardstock is the thickest so you may only be able to cut 5 sheets at a time.

Tip: While you’re cutting, if you’ve cut off all parts of the pages that have staples, make sure to re-staple the sheets that are left. Whenever you’re cutting multiple sheets at a time, make sure they are always stapled together!

Step 3: How to Assemble this Transportation Craft

The kids will just need to glue it all together and make it their own!

airplane craft by Crafting Jeannie
  1. Glue the back wing behind the body and the front wing on the front of the body
  2. Personalize the plane with windows and decorations
  3. Don’t forget to put your name on the back
glue the wing to the top of the plane body

Step 1: Glue the back wing behind the body at the top of the plane

gluing the second wing to the bottom of the plane body

Step 2: Glue the second wing onto the front of the plane, at the bottom of the plane body

drawing the windows onto the plane body

Step 3: Draw windows and customize your plane with markers. Don’t forget to write your name on the back!

And you’re finished!

It took me less than 10 minutes to have the supplies for 20 kids. How amazing is that?! This airplane craft is perfect for a transportation lesson, preschool, Scouts or just a fun school party idea.

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As always, I try to make classroom and party crafts fast, easy & inexpensive. Enjoy! 

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Download the Free Airplane Craft Template

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    Airplane Craft Template – Free Craft Printables

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