March Craft & Activity Bundle

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300+ Pages of March Crafts & Activities

March Crafts and Activities for kids
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You got through January and February and now you’re running on fumes. You need some easy go-to crafts & activities to do with your little ones…

No matter how prepared you are, there are always those times when you just need something to do for an extra 5-10 mins.

And you certainly don’t want to have to go on a Google or Pinterest scavenger hunt, clicking the hours away.

Are you tired of:

  • entering your name & email address every time to get an activity
  • waiting for the download link to come to your email inbox
  • scrolling through advertisements


The March Craft & Activity Bundle.

Get over 50 unique activities – 300+ pages of St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Weather, Dr. Seuss and more. Tons of March-Themed activities for your kiddos.

The best part is – Everything is in one place. You will have access to all of these activities forever and you can download them whenever you want.

Here’s What’s Inside:

March Crafts with Templates:

March Crafts for kids
The bundle includes 22 Craft Templates

March Worksheets:

March Activities for Kids
The March bundle has over 70 pages of Preschool worksheets

March Coloring Pages:

March Coloring Pages
The bundle includes 80 Coloring Pages

March Activity Extras:

March Activities for Kids

You Have Instant Access to:

  • 22 Craft Templates
  • 80 coloring Pages (St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Dr. Seuss, & Weather)
  • 60 St. Patrick Bingo Cards
  • 50 Weather Bingo Cards
  • 50 Easter Bingo Cards
  • 50 Water Cycle Bingo Cards
  • 7 St. Patrick Handprint Templates
  • 8 Easter Handprint Templates
  • 25 St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets
  • 14 Weather Worksheets
  • 30 Easter/Spring Worksheets
  • 5 Water Cycle Worksheets
  • 10 St. Patrick’s Day Playdough Mats
  • 10 Easter Playdough Mats
  • 10 Weather Playdough Mats


But I’m sooooo a paper-person. I don’t like digital.

Welcome to the club. I’d so rather hold a pretty binder full of worksheets and templates in my hand than scroll through a PDF. But the truth is, then I would have a HUGE bunch of papers, and I’d have to take them out of the binder to photocopy them, and I’d either destroy the original or lose it because I forgot to put it back. With the PDF, you just print as many copies as you want. And you never mess up the original. It’s always one click away.

Ok, It’s digital, how does it work?

As soon as you complete your order, you will see a link and an email will be sent to you with a link – Click on either one.

It will take you to an March Bundle page. Once there, you can download whatever you want. If you need help downloading the file, read this Download Help Page.

How Many May I Print?

As many as you need! These pages are designed to be used again and again. Just buy it once and use it for years to come!

Each license (purchase) is valid for one teacher, one librarian, or one family. These files are for non-commercial use only and may not be distributed on the web for free or for any form of compensation.

If you’re a librarian or teacher and you want to send these home with children/families…go right ahead – you are permitted to print them and hand them out.

Please email if you have any questions.  

What Age Is this Bundle Appropriate for?

The crafts and activities in this product are for children aged 1yrs – 7yrs (toddler through first grade)

The best activities for your youngest children include:

  • finger painting and coloring the coloring pages
  • making handprints on the templates
  • gluing together the pieces of a craft after you cut them out
  • using bingo daubers for the dot pages

However, your littlest ones will need some grown-up help to use the worksheets and bingo games. Those are geared more towards preschool and older.

March Bundle

Hi! 👋 I’m the creator of Crafting Jeannie. I’m a Ph.D. turned stay-at-home mom who loves kids’ crafts. And I’m dedicated to making your life easier.

I used to piecemeal together printable activities and crafts from all over the internet. Finally, I decided I would just make my own. My kids love them and I hope you do too! 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at: (I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, but since I’m a SAHM with 3 crazy kids it might take up to 24 hours)

What People Are Saying

five star review
“Jeannie’s Printable Bingo Cards and Preschool worksheets are fantastic” – Sherry (Grandma of 5, Retired Preschool Teacher)
five star review
“I Love Everything Crafting Jeannie does” – Emily (Kindergarten mom)

Yes! I want go-to, easy March Activities.

  • I want instant access to the March Bundle
  • 300+ pages of Crafts & Activities
  • Everything in one location for easy download
  • Unlimited Reprint Rights for Single Classroom or Household use

>>> Click Here to Get it Today!

*This is a digital PDF download, you will not receive a book in the mail.

Have questions? Contact: (replies may take up to 24 hours)

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