Create a Distance Learning Workspace (Boards for School at Home)

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Virtual Learning workspace board with free printables - telling time, multiplication, maps, cursive and more

Make this amazing educational board a part of your virtual learning home setup. Use my Free Printable to customize it for your child!

Check out these amazingly versatile learning boards! My friend made some for her kids and I had to make my own. I’ve even include Free Educational & Inspirational Printables.

Each of your children will have their own portable workspace that also gives them a little privacy. They can use it in the kitchen one day and toy room the next. It can be customized with each child’s educational resources and the best part is, they can personalize it! You can even add clear sheet protectors to change information every day.

To make things even easier for you, I created a Free Distance Learning Workspace Printable which includes educational posters & encouragement items that are just the right size for this project. Download it now and let’s get started! 

boards for online learning setup

Gathering Supplies

I found almost everything to make these boards at the Dollar Store. Take the kids with you so they can join in on the fun. Here’s what you need to put this simple board together (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read my disclosure policy for more information):

supplies to make virtual learning board
Gather Supplies. Also, get some Sheet Protectors (not pictured).

Make Sure You have Everything you Want for your Board

Before you buy anything, check out my Free Distance Learning Workspace Printable. It includes educational and inspirational items that are the perfect size for this project. I left some of the pages black & white because my kids enjoyed, and learned a little, while coloring them.

educational and inspirational free printable
large and small printables for your distance learning home setup

After you check out the printable, head out to the store to buy the rest of your supplies!

Constructing the Board

Step 1: Tape the Edges of Your Board

Tape the edges of your board for durability and some waterproofing. One 10yds roll was just enough for one board:

front and back of taped learning board
Tape the front and back of the board for durability and minor waterproofing

This step is fairly simple, just tape every edge of your tri-fold board. We used fun tape to make it look cool. But the main idea behind the tape was to increase durability. Hopefully, the board will last a few months. And because we sometimes work in the kitchen or dining room, hopefully the tape will waterproof the bottom of the board for those inevitable spills.

I made sure the tape was folded around each edge and then I added an extra layer to the front and back. One roll of 10yrd tape from the Dollar Store (found in the hardware section) was just enough to do one board. So, I bought two just in case.

Note: The shiny tape at the Dollar Store was MUCH easier to work with and cut. The plain red tape gave us a bunch of problems, but it still worked.

Step 3: Layout Your Design

layout supplies for home learning setup
Layout your board design before attaching everything

Before you start gluing and taping, lay everything out. Make sure you’re happy with your design.

Also, now’s a good time to think about what items you’ll want to change in the future. That’s where the protective sleeves come in. Arrange blank sleeves in places where you will swap out 8×10 items. I planned on one for a daily schedule and one to hold a few important papers.

Step 4: Glue, Tape, and Staple Items to Your Board

boards for online learning setup

Have fun gluing everything together and making it personal! The large math posters I got at the store, I attached with two staples. They will be easy to remove and we can interchange posters. The protective sleeves I attached with clear packing tape. It seems to work great!

These boards will be a great addition to our home setup.

And you’re done!!

Now you’re ready for your Virtual Distance Learning at home. Here’s hoping for a great year!

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As always, I try to make my crafts fast, easy & inexpensive. Enjoy! 

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    Create a Distance Learning Workspace (Boards for School at Home)

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