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Ello Reading App – What is it? Want to learn more about The Hello Ello Book Subscription Program? Plus Use this Link for $5 for First Month

This is my honest review of the Ello Reading App because when I saw this program on Instagram, I wanted to learn more too! Plus, I don’t have a COUPON CODE but Get Your First Month for just $5

Ello Reading App - image of the Ello box by crafting Jeannie
Learn More about Ello and get your first month for only $5

First, I want to say I was not paid to write this post, and I did not get Ello for free to try. I saw an ad on Instagram and signed up. I decided to write this post to give other moms an inside view of the program.

But, you should know that if you click a link to Ello from this post and decided to sign up I do make a small commission. Also, scroll to the bottom for a bulleted list of Conclusions and Main Takeaways.

What are The Ello App and Ello Books?

Here is my honest review and a sneak peek inside the Hello Ello monthly subscription program – A program focused on improving your child’s reading skills while having fun.

Don’t Fee Like Reading? Watch This Ello Review Video:

What is Hello Ello?

When I think of improving reading skills, I immediately think of phonics, flashcards, memorization, and more boring activities that my kids don’t want to do. But guess what, Hello Ello is NOT that – it’s an app that makes improving reading skills fun!

Ello actually listens to your child read from real books, it helps them sound out words and even motivates them with small prizes. Overall it can really build your child’s reading confidence, just like it did for my son.

Hello Ello is a monthly subscription service. Each month your child will get a box in the mail containing 5 books. The books are personally selected for your child’s reading level. Your child will open the Ello app, read a book aloud, and Ello listens while they read.

Ello is for children from Preschool through 3rd grade.

You can try Ello now for only $5

As they read, they score points (and badges) and those points can be used to “win” real prizes. If your child reads all 5 books they will get to select a prize that will come in their next month’s box. Some of the prizes my son has earned are: an invisible ink pen, bubbles, a squishy ball, and a mystery prize.

ello review - child reading books to ello reading app
my son reading a book to the Ello App – and Elephant listening

My son was behind in reading and after just three months of Ello we are seeing significant progress and more importantly a desire and confidence in his reading. He just said to me today “When is my next Ello box coming?”.

Ello Books – Every Month You Get 5 New Level Appropriate Books Plus More

Let’s quickly talk about what’s in the box. First, I must say my son LOVES getting his box in the mail. He’s super excited to have a package addressed to him.

The books that Ello sends are super fun and in excellent condition. Some of the books we’ve gotten are our favorites or books my son has seen in school. Like, “Worm Weather” by Jean Taft, Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter Books, Fly Guy books, and more.

The best part is that you can try Ello now – it’s only $5 for your first month with this link.

The books that come are super engaging and entertaining. We were just laughing last week as we read Peanut Butter & Jelly by Nadine Westcott.

Along with the books, there’s always a nice letter, an activity sheet, and some paper confetti. It’s like a little party in a box. We’ve gotten bookmarks to color, find the differences, and other fun activities.

How it Works

  • 5 books are delivered monthly – Books are matched to your child’s reading level and interests.
  • Your child reads real books to the Ello App – Ello listens to your child read out loud and helps them with words just like a teacher would.
  • You Kiddo Chooses a reward – Every month, your child can select a prize with the points they earn reading.
  • Return or keep the books – Return your books via free, prepaid shipping, or pay $5 for each book you keep.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Sign up and pay for your subscription (get $20 off your fist month with this link) – You will need to enter your email address.

Step 2: Select which device your child will use to open the Ello App (Ello works on most tablets)

Step 3: Personalize the box for your child (name, grade, current reading level, and interests)

Step 4: Enter Parent’s information (name, phone number, shipping address, payment)

Step 5: Then just wait for the first box to arrive. You can download the Ello app onto your child’s tablet ahead of time. And get ready to have fun reading.

So let’s take a peek inside a month of Ello.

Our first box came with these five books:

image of the books that came in our ello box.
our first month’s books with reading level i – Get $20 off of your first month with this link.

My son found these books a little bit challenging. He was struggling with more than 2 words per page. So I emailed Ello and asked if they could lower his reading level for his next delivery. And of course they did.

His reading level was changed to “G” and the next month of books were much better. The second month’s package also came with the bubbles that he picked as a reward.

He was thrilled and couldn’t wait to start reading the next five books so that he could earn another reward.

We started this program in the summer and expected to stop during the school year. However, because he needs to read 10 minutes a night as a homework assignment. He loves using his Ello books.

The Ello Elephant

The Ello elephant is so much fun. It listens while my son reads the book. After my son finishes an entire page, the elephant will review any words he got wrong. It’s wonderful that the elephant does not interrupt.

ello reading app - the ello elephant listening on the app
The Ello Elphant listening as my son reads.

Answers to your questions

Here are answers to some of the most popular questions about the Hello Ello Subscription.

What age range is Ello designed for? Generally 3–9 years of age, but it depends on the child. ‍If your child is young but they can read the sentence “I am a cat” then Ello will work for them. ‍

How does Ello determine my child’s reading level? They take you through a short series of questions when you sign up. ‍Then the books are automatically updated over the course of the subscription.

Can my child read with the tablet by themselves? Yes, but it works much better if a grown-up or older sibling is there reading with them. It makes it more fun – and my son learned how to skip ahead without reading….eeek.

Can I keep the books? Yes, you can keep each book for $5. You just return the books you don’t want and you will be charged for the books you keep.

Are there Ads in the App? No, there are never any ads – Just an elephant reading with your child 🙂

Can I cancel my membership at any time? YES. At the end of each month, You will get a text on your phone – just reply and say you want to cancel. Or you can email support@helloello.com at any time.

Is there a Hello Ello Promo Code?

I don’t know one, BUT if you use this link right here you can get your first month for just $5 (that’s $20 off!)

Ello review image for pinterest

Ello Review – Conclusions and Main Takeaways

  • You MUST have access to a tablet or smart phone – the whole point of the program is that the Ello Elephant listens to your child read and helps them just like a teacher would.
  • We read through the five books pretty quickly. We are ready for a new box before the month is over, but it only comes once a month. However, my son is learning to wait for his box, which is a nice skill.
  • I really didn’t think my son would like it – the prizes are pretty cheap (like dollar store cheap), and he has to read. BUT he loves it… I think the idea of getting a package that’s just for him and earning REAL life prizes is huge.
  • Having these fun books to read makes his “reading homework” a no-brainer. He doesn’t complain that he has to read 10 mins a day when he’s earning Ello points and prizes.
  • A grown-up or older sibling should read along. The idea of him reading to his tablet by himself while I cook dinner is great, but he has figured out how to “skip” through a book and then he’s just not reading. But when we sit together, it works great.
  • We’ve done this for 5 months now and my son’s reading has improved significantly. I’m sure some of it is school, but I know some of it is from his consistency with reading more since we got this subscription.

Here’s a video from Hello Ello to show you more

Hello Ello Reading App – Honest Review – Book Subscription Program for kids

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