Fine Motor Clubhouse Review

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FYI, since creating this review, the Fine Motor Clubhouse has been re-designed. It still contains similar items created by Joy – However, you will need to see her sales page for details.

Want to learn more about The Fine Motor Clubhouse Subscription Program?

When I saw this program, I wanted to learn more too!

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Get fine motor activities for $9/month

Here is my honest review and sneak peek inside the Fine Motor Clubhouse monthly subscription program – A program focused on improving children’s fine motor skills while having fun.

What is The Fine Motor Clubhouse?

When I think of improving fine motor skills, I immediately think of cutting, tracing, and lots of finger work. And guess what, there are people who make that their full-time job- Pediatric Occupational Therapists!

The creator of this program is an amazing Pediatric Occupational Therapist: Joy (from In the Bag Kids Crafts). She’s a mom of two and has been a therapist for years. She even sprinkles OT tips throughout her craft site.

But the best part is, that Joy decided to create this program to focus entirely on fine motor skills.

Fine Motor Clubhouse is a monthly subscription service. Each month you will get access to download a HUGE packet of printable activities. And every month has a seasonal or holiday theme (Winter, Hearts, Luck, Spring, and more):

Not only are these activities designed to improve fine motor skills, but they are Super Fun – playing with food, lacing cards, scissor skills, tracing, and more.

Every Month You Get OVER 100 Pages of activities!

That’s right, each monthly download contains more than 100 printable pages of activities and fun.

How it Works

Step 1: Sign up and pay for your subscription – You will need to create a username and password.

Step 2: Log-in to the members-only digital portal.

Step 3: Download and print the monthly activities.

Step 4: Prepare your fine motor kit with all of the manipulatives you will need for play. She gives you the list.

Step 5: Have fun!click

So let’s take a peek inside a month of the Fine Motor Clubhouse.

We started in February, so the first packet we downloaded was the “Love” kit. It was a single PDF file with 220 Pages! But wait, I also had access to the January snow kit, which was unexpected. I was so excited, of course, I downloaded both!

I was also surprised because in the portal, not only did I find the monthly activities but there were also fine motor tips, milestone information, and some of the activities also included detailed information about how and why this is such a great fine motor activity.

Fine Motor Activities for Kids
Get Fine motor clubhouse for just $9 per month

The supplies were easy to gather, and the instructions for what I needed to do with my child were easy to understand. I was ready to roll minutes after printing my first activity! I chose the “Play with your Food” mat, grabbed some Cheerios, and we started the fun.

My son was thrilled with the cheerio and graham cracker bear printables. Who knew you could have so much fun at snack time?! – I also had no idea that we could turn it into fine motor practice!

My little guy still hasn’t mastered scissors, so our next activity was the “Snip to the answer”. I loved how we got to talk about letter sounds, and he loved finding the correct answer and cutting up the pages. This one was so simple, all we needed was the printed pages and some kid scissors.

Fine motor clubhouse pages
Some of the Pages of the Fine Motor Clubhouse Love Kit

We did a bunch more of the activities over the course of the week. I was so thrilled with all of the options. For example, we printed the “Valentine Heart PomPom” sheets. And instead of using pompoms, we used bingo daubers to fill in the hearts. We had fun with the play-doh mats (there’s even a recipe for homemade playdoh) and I liked the clip-and-count because it had an educational component to it!

But wait that’s not all (haha)… The PDF didn’t just have the printable activities. The kit also included fine motor tips, benefits of the activities, and milestone information.

Answers to your questions

Here are answers to some of the most popular questions about the Fine Motor Clubhouse.

What age is Fine Motor Clubhouse designed for? It was created with children ages 2-6 in mind, but older children may also benefit from these activities to promote fine motor activities. Please keep in mind that ALL activities require adult supervision.

Do you get each monthly packet in the mail? No! Each month you must download the packet and print the activities. You must have access to a printer or take the files to your local Staples or Office Depot to have them printed.

How Long Can I access each month’s content? Every set of activities is available for you to access in the members-only portal for 2 months. After that, you will lose access, so I suggest downloading the files to your computer right away! New content is released and uploaded on the 15th of each month. If you cancel your membership you lose access to the digital portal immediately. 

Can I cancel my membership at any time? YES! You can cancel at anytime.

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Conclusions and Main Takeaways

  • You HAVE to have access to a printer – All of the activities are in color (which are beautiful) but I printed them in black & white and they were still great.
  • There are usually about 10 pages per activity, so there are a lot of choices, but also a lot of repetition
  • Most of the activities require extra supplies from you: Play-doh, hole puncher, Cheerios, Ziplock bags, cotton balls, even hair gel! There’s lots of helpful information on how to use each item.
  • It’s not just the printables, there are also fine motor tips, benefits of the activities, and milestone information.
  • Each month you get a lot of the same activities (i.e. play-doh mats, tracing, cutting, letter sounds) but the images are themed so January is snow and February is Love, etc.
  • It’s a FABULOUS resource for teachers or daycare workers – you get themed printables every month and you can keep them forever (even after you cancel). Laminate them or print them year after year.
  • Seriously, you get A LOT for your money. If you need fine motor activities, It’s totally worth it, even if you just buy one month.

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