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Download the Free Sheep Outline PDF and use the outlines to make all kinds of fun crafts. Need an easy sheep Craft? Then Keep reading..

sheep outline by crafting jeannie
Click here to download the free Sheep Outline PDF

Pick a sheep outline and make a super simple craft. There’s so many things you can do with it like: cutting out shapes for your bulletin board, fingerprint painting, marble painting, a coloring page, a sewing pattern, a writing prompt or more. Find Easy Paper Crafts on!

This Christian Sheep or Lamb activity is perfect for preschool, elementary students, classroom parties, scouts and more.

Did you know that there are over a billion sheep in the world? Learn more sheep facts at

Grab your Free Sheep Outline now!

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Sheep Outline

Why do l love outlines? First, they’re just so easy, and secondly, there’s so much you can do with them. When I want to make a fast craft I always like to print an outline and go to my old standbys: Marble painting, a ripped paper mosaic, tissue paper art, or just finger painting.

Lamb Craft Ideas

Here’s a list of simple ideas for crafts that you can make with these outlines:

Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

These outlines are perfect for a cotton ball sheep template. They’re a perfect First Reconciliation, Sunday School, CCD or Faith Formation Craft.

Just print one of the sheep outlines onto cardstock. Then, have the children cut out the sheep shape. Then, that’s when the fun starts. Encourage the children to add cotton balls, decorations, sequences, ribbons, stickers or more.

My son did this Lost Sheep craft in Sunday School and loved it.

Coloring the Sheep while Improving Fine Motor Skills

We all know that coloring pages are super fun, but they’re also great for improving pencil grasp (using a crayon) and fine motor skills. As your preschoolers color, they will express their creativity, get some fine motor practice and of course, have fun.

Let your children grab some crayons, markers, or colored pencils and add whatever they want to the sheep outlines. Included in the PDF are 10 pages of sheep outlines. I wonder which one they will want to color most?

free sheep outline image
Click Here to Download these free Sheep outlines

Marble Painting

This activity might be my favorite. Just print the sheep outline and stick it at the bottom of a baking sheet or an old Amazon box.

Then dip some marbles or even hot wheels cars into paint, drop them on top of the outline and let them roll around. They will make such a fun picture. Your children will love making some sheep art.

Scrap Paper Mosaic Tree

You may already have a stash of scrap construction paper. It’s fun to use different colored paper. Or try wrapping paper or scrapbook paper with different designs on it.

Just grab you paper cut it into small shapes or let the kids rip it as they make the craft.

If you plan to cut paper for this craft, just cut strips of paper about one inch wide. Stack and line up your strips of paper to cut multiple sheets at a time.

Tip: Making any scrap paper mosaic craft uses more paper scraps than you think!

Washi Tap Art

Do the same thing you would do with the cut up construction paper. Except this time use Washi Tape (affiliate link). washi tapes comes in all kinds of fun colors and patterns.

And the ripping of the tape is perfect for working on fine motor skills. The tearing, sticking, and moving the tape is so good for you children’s fingers.

Dot Art or Resist Art

Grab some Dot Markers (affiliate link) or just some paint and get ready to make a fun sheep painting.

Start by cutting out the outline and sticking it to a piece of paper (cardstock works best) with masking tape.

Then, have fun with dot markers filling in the sheet of paper. Make sure to go all the way around the edges of the sheep so you will see the outline when you take the template off.

When you’re finished with all of your dots, peel off the template to reveal the sheep shape.

sheep outline image by Crafting Jeannie
These simple sheep outlines are perfect for cutting out and gluing on cotton balls.

More Crafts for Kids

As always, I try to make my crafts fast, easy & inexpensive. Enjoy! 

Download the Free Sheep Outline

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    Free Sheep Outline PDF – Sheep Craft for Preschoolers – Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

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