Cherry Blossom Craft (Free Template)

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Make this easy Cherry Blossom Craft for Preschool. Find step-by-step instructions and Easy Crafts for kids on!

spring craft for kids - cherry blossom

It’s Springtime! Make this sweet Cherry Blossom Craft with your crew of kids. This is a simple craft for toddlers or preschool. Plus, your little ones will love squishing and squashing up the tissue paper for this spring craft.

Just grab the Free Cherry Blossom Tree Template below and cut out some tissue paper squares. You will be able to make enough supplies for 20 kids (or more!) in just about 5 minutes.

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Whether you are a preschool teacher, parent, grandparent, librarian, or Daycare worker, you will love this easy spring craft. Make it while you’re learning about spring, the seasons, or as part of a weather lesson. This easy spring craft for kids is perfect at school, at home, or just for fun!

Here’s What You Need:

Here’s your spring craft supply list (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read my disclosure policy for more information):

Enjoy this Spring Craft for Kids while reading these Fun Books:

Did you know that Japan gave 3,020 cherry blossom trees as a gift to the United States in 1912? Read More on Wikipedia.

Step 1: Download and Print the Free Cherry Blossom Branch Template

Download the Free Cherry Blossom Tree Template. You will need one branch for each child.

Cherry blossom template

Step 2: Cut out the tissue paper

I get my tissue paper at the Dollar Store. It’s super easy to just fold the tissue paper up and cut out squares. Just make sure you cut off the fold so that you get individual squares.

Pink Tissue paper and scissors
It’s easy to cut out a bunch of squares of tissue paper at one time.

Did You Know You can also buy Pre-Cut Tissue Paper Squares?

tissue paper squares
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Step 3: How to make your Spring Craft

The kids will just need to color the branch and glue on the blossoms!

Cherry Blossom craft for kids - cherry blossom

I recommend having a finished craft so the children can see what the final version will look like.

  1. First, color the branch with a brown crayon or marker.
  2. Next, squish and crumple up pieces of pink tissue paper.
  3. Use white school glue or a glue stick to glue the pink tissue paper to your branch.
  4. Don’t forget to put your name on the back

And you’re finished with your Tissue Paper Craft!

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As always, I try to make my crafts fast, easy & inexpensive. Enjoy! 

Download the Free Cherry Blossom Template

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    Spring Blossom craft make 20 in about 5 minutes

    Spring Craft for Kids – Free Cherry Blossom Template – Easy Crafts for Kids

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