What is Creative Fabrica?

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Get A TON of Clipart, Printable Worksheets, SVG files, Fonts, Images, Digital Stamps and more! All with Commercial Licenses (if you’re into that) Read More….

Want to learn more about Creative Fabrica?

When I heard about Creative Fabrica, I wanted to learn more too!

What is Creative Fabrica
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Here is my honest review and sneak peek inside Creative Fabrica – A website full of downloads for teachers, crafters, tee-shirt makers, and more.

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is a website that you search like Google – But all the results are items you can download. Basically, artists, crafters, and designers upload cool stuff and you get to download it, keep it, and use it. When you get the low-priced subscription there’s no limit to what you can download – It feels like it’s all free!

I’ve been downloading items from Creative Fabrica for the last three years. and I’m SHOCKED at all of the cool stuff there is to get. I’ve downloaded over 500 Gigs worth of stuff. Here’s what I grab most:

Creative Fabrica Logo
Get 10 Free Downloads Today


When I need clipart, Creative Fabrica is the first place I go. There’s always bundles of clipart that are easy to download and start using. I’ve downloaded monsters, Christmas, back to school clipart, outerspace drawings and so much more. PLUS it all comes with a commercial license. So, if you want to use it in a TPT product or to sell on Etsy. You can!

Teaching Printables – Worksheets

Ok, this blew my mind. You can download Loads of worksheets. There’s number practice, letter practice, tracing pages, dot-to-dots, do a dots and soooo much more. Just search for “worksheets” and you’ll be blown away too!

Insider Tip: Just an FYI, a lot of these worksheets are made outside of the US. So sometimes the spelling for words is the European spelling (i.e. colour) – Also, make sure you check for typos I’ve found a few which is a little unfortunate for learning materials.

Coloring Pages

Again, I was so excited to find these. There are tons of downloadable coloring pages and activity sheets. You will never run out of printables if you get the subscription and start downloading today.

Digital Stamps

Digital Stamps are the coolest, they’re clipart but they’re outlines. They’re great for creating coloring pages or worksheets. Again, they come with a commercial license.

Creative Fabrica Logo
Find over 7 Million items to download on Creative Fabrica

Tee Shirt (Swag) Sayings

There are thousands of Tee shirt sayings, slogans, and images. If you make your own shirts, mugs, or more. You absolutely have to use Creative Fabrica – They have Everything… PLUS, (again) everything comes with a commercial license. So, if you want to use it in as an Etsy product, you can!


Do you have Cricut? If you love finding new SVG files, you’re going to love Creative Fabrica. The only problem is, you might be up till 3 in the morning downloading all fo the SVG files. You’ll find more than you could ever use.

Is Creative Fabrica Free?

Creative Fabrica is a subscription program that costs $9/month.

Right now they are teaming up with me to give you a fantastic free trial. You can sign up here and get your first 10 downloads for FREE.

I HIGHLY recommend grabbing BUNDLES for your first 10 downloads. You can get so much for free!

After the 10th download or after 1 month, the subscription renews at $9/month. It’s so worth it even if you just try it for 1 month and then cancel your subscription. You can download everything you want/need in that first month.

Creative Fabrica and Crafting Jeannie
Sign up and get your first 10 Downloads for FREE

Creative Fabrica Free Trial?

YES! Creative Fabrica has a Free Trial.

CLICK HERE to sign up and get your first 10 Downloads for FREE (After the 10th download or after 1 month, the subscription renews at $9/month)

I’ve been using Creative Fabrica for over 3 years and it’s totally worth the subscription price. Even if you cancel your subscription after one month. You can download soooo much.

How Does Creative Fabrica Work?

Step 1: Sign up for your 10 Free Downloads – You will need to create a username and password.

Step 2: Log-in.

Step 3: Start Searching. Trying searching for things like “Worksheets”, “animal clipart”, “holiday coloring pages”, or “teacher”

Step 4: Download up to 10 FREE ITEMS. This is the BEST PART: There are over 7 million items to download.

Step 6: If you really like something, check out what else that designer has by clicking “view profile”

Step 5: Have fun!

Here’s the BEST Part! You can get your first 10 downloads for Free

So let’s take a peek inside Creative Fabrica.

Here are some items I’ve made from Creative Fabrica Downloads:

Horse Bingo
Horse Bingo Card made with Creative Fabrica Clipart

I love all of the clipart. Especially the watercolor images.

Chinese New year worksheet
Chinese New Year worksheet created with a Creative Fabrica Download

When I say you can find everything on Creative Fabrica. I sure do mean it. They have every holiday from Chinese New Year to Cinco De Mayo. You’ll be able to find whatever you want.

Easter coloring Pages
Easter Coloring Pages Created from Creative Fabrica Download

There are so many coloring pages and activities for you little ones (And Adults). You’ll never have to buy coloring pages again.

Answers to your questions

Here are answers to some of the most popular questions about Creative Fabrica.

Can I use Creative Fabrica in Canva?
YES! Creative Fabrica is an excellent place to get cool new fonts and images.

Can I use Creative Fabrica freebies for commercial use?
All of our Freebies and Daily Gifts are covered under the Single Sales License, which includes lifetime commercial usage rights.

How long do I have to stay a member?
There are no limits. You can cancel your membership at any time – no questions asked. Just hit the cancel button in your account and it’s done. You won’t be charged any more and will keep access until the end of your subscription period.

Can I sell designs from Creative Fabrica?
Yes! If you have a Commercial Use subscription you are free to create anything you can think of and sell it on your site, Creative Market, Etsy, Little Big Crafter and any other online store. You can create both digital and physical goods.

creative fabrica image for pinterest

Conclusions and Main Takeaways

  • It is ABSOLUTELY worth it to get the 10 Free downloads. That will give you a good idea of what Creative Fabrica has – search for things like “worksheets”, “holiday clipart”, “teacher”, and “animal coloring pages”
  • Download BUNDLES for your first 10 items. Sometimes, things are posted on Creative Fabrica individually – meaning you will get just ONE coloring page or ONE image. Make sure you download bundles for your first few items to get the most out of your freebies.
  • Make sure to cancel before 1 month is up if you are not going to continue. Creative Fabrica will charge you after the first 10 downloads OR first month.
  • The $9/month subscription is SOOOO worth it. Even if you only do it for one month and download thousands of items. They’re all yours to keep. (I currently have a year subscription because I know I will use it)
  • Seriously, you get A LOT for your money. If you need worksheets, printables, coloring pages, or clipart, It’s totally worth it, even if you just buy one month.

Here’s the BEST Part! You can get your first 10 downloads for Free

Is Creative Fabrica Worth it? Yes, I think so 🙂

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