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school note template excuse pad

It’s super easy to send notes to school with this Free School Note Printable.

This year, it will be easier than ever to send notes to teachers and school secretaries with this free school note printable. Just print, cut in half, and fil-in the blanks! A must-have for all parents!

When filing out the template, start with who you’re writing to and the date (a must for all schools). Add your child’s name and then start checking boxes and filling in the blanks.


Weather you’re child is late, leaving early, coming back from being sick or has an after school activity, you will be able to include all of the necessary school communication. This Free School Note Printable includes:

  • tardy excuses
  • early dismissal information
  • alternate pick up person
  • after school activities
  • return from absence due to illness
  • an “other” section to include you’re own note
  • a signature section at the bottom
excuse pad printable template
Print the School Note Template and cut it in half – two notes on each sheet!

The note even includes a “Thank You” sign-off (make those teachers and sectaries feel appreciated) before the included signature and contact sections. Most school notes need a parent signature and it’s always helpful to include your contact info as well.

Print off as many pages as you like. Cut them in half and keep them in a place where you can grab them on your busy school mornings. I like to keep mine in the kitchen junk drawer. You can even staple them together at the top to make a DIY notepad.


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Download the Free School Note Printable
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    Free School Note Printable (Excuse Pad)

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