Easy Rainbow Craft (Free Template)

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Make this easy Rainbow craft for kids? Or Transform this into a Giant Rainbow Door Decoration?

rainbow craft with cloud and coins crafting Jeannie

Quickly make the supplies for this rainbow craft for preschoolers with the following step-by-step instructions and Free Rainbow Printable Template!

You can also make a HUGE Rainbow for a classroom door, rainbow birthday party decoration, or just for fun!

huge rainbow on a front door

Did you know a rainbow is actually an optical illusion based on where you’re standing? Read more at National Geographic.

Watch the Easy Rainbow Craft video and see how easy it is to make the supplies and assemble this fun Preschool craft:

I made the supplies for this rainbow craft for preschoolers in less than 5 minutes and the best part is, I was able to make enough materials for 15 children in that time.

Here’s What You Need:

Here’s your rainbow craft supply list (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read my disclosure policy for more information):

Step 1: Download and Print the Free Rainbow Template

Download the Free Rainbow Printable. The PDF file contains everything you need to make either a small or large door rainbow.

pages of rainbow craft printable
The Rainbow PDF makes it easy to cut out the rainbow shapes. Choose a small or large rainbow.

Step 2: Cut out Circles for the Cloud and Coins

Once you have the cloud and coin templates printed out, staple them to construction paper and cut out multiple shapes at a time.

rainbow circles stapled and ready to cut

If you want to make this craft with a group of kids, you can staple the template to up to 10 sheets of copy paper, 5 sheets of cardstock or 6-10 sheets of construction paper.

So, did you know, you can staple together 10 pieces of copy paper and cut out 10 shapes at a time?! That’s my SECRET to fast & easy crafting.

Stapling the paper is very important because it makes sure it doesn’t move as you cut. The more staples the better. Cardstock is the thickest so you may only be able to cut 5 sheets at a time.

Cut Out Coins (optional)

If you plan to use the coins, again print, staple and cut. I will say that usually when I cut small circles like the coins, I do not cut them by hand. I like to use craft hole punches and I HIGHLY recommend them.

Crafting hole punchers
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You can get them at any craft store or possibly big name stores that sell craft items. They are a HUGE time saver.

Again, make sure you’re punching holes in more than one sheet at a time! if you don’t have a hole punch, just cut out the circles by hand.

Step 3: Cut strips for the Rainbow

rainbow paper stacked getting ready to cut
Stack multiple sheets of paper and cut all at one time.

Next, you can quickly cut the strips for the rainbow in the same way. Just line up your color paper and cut out the strips. You don’t even need to staple. You should easily be able to cut out enough for a classroom.

cutting multiple sheets of paper at one time
Cut multiple sheets of paper at one time.

Step 4: How to Assemble Your Rainbow

The kids will just need to glue it all together and make it their own!

rainbow craft with cloud and coins crafting Jeannie
  1. arrange your circles into a cloud shape
  2. glue overlapping edges of circles to make the cloud
  3. glue color strips vertically behind the cloud (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
  4. glue on gold coins (optional)
  5. Don’t forget to put your name on the back.
glue together white circles to make a cloud

arrange your circles into a cloud shape and glue the overlapping edges together

add glue to each strip of colored paper

line up the colored strips of paper to make a rainbow and add glue to the top of each colored strip

glue the strips of colored paper behind the cloud

glue the colored strips behind the cloud

add yellow coins to the cloud

optional: add coins to your cloud – great for St. Patrick’s Day!


huge rainbow on a front door

To make the Huge Door Rainbow, use the circle template on the last page of the free Rainbow Printable.

You will need 15 white circles (one per sheet of paper). Staple the template to about 8 sheets of white paper and cut out 8 circles at a time.

Next, you will need two sheets of construction paper for each color of the rainbow. Again, stack together about 6-8 sheets and cut in half. You should end up with four strips for each color.

Then just glue it together as you would the smaller rainbow.

gluing large door rainbow together

And you’re finished!

This is such a fun and simple rainbow craft for kids; make it for Spring time, St. Patrick’s Day or just for fun.

This rainbow craft is perfect for preschool, nursery school, elementary school, cub scouts, a birthday party, or just a fun craft at home idea.

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As always, I try to make my crafts fast, easy & inexpensive. Enjoy! 

Download the Free Rainbow Craft Printable

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    Paper Rainbow picture for pinterest Crafting Jeannie
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