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45 Cool Things for School

Going to school is even better when you have the right supplies. Even when you’re the teacher! I’ll try to update this page regularly with all of my cool things for school items. If you have your own favorite item, please let me know in the comments so I can try it out and add it to the list!

cool things for school image by crafting Jeannie
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Cool School Tee Shirts

back to school shirt
Name Shirt. This shirt is perfect for little ones and teachers. I think it would be fun to have an “M is for Mamma” version.
back to school tee shirt
Personalized shirt for children. This shirt is so cute and perfect for those first few days of school.
teacher life shirt
TeacherLife Shirt This sweet shirt is perfect for any teacher (“teach, love, inspire, motivate, listen, encourage”)
back to school shirt
Hello School Tee Shirt. This back-to-school shirt is awesome and can be customized for any grade!
librarian Tee shirt
Librarian Tee Shirt. Perfect for the school librarian or local community librarians. This tee is so fun and sweet.
Teach kindness shirt
Teach Kindness Shirt. This sweet shirt is perfect for any teacher (“care, compassion, respect, love, inspire”)

Must Have School Accessories

Cool Pencil Grips. Here’s a variety pack of pencil grips. They helped my little guy so much last year while he was learning how to use a pencil.
custom water bottles
Personalized Water Bottles. I love the shiny names!!!
Back to School Bracelets. I wish I had these when my oldest went to preschool and kindergarten. They are wonderful and I’m sure it helps mom too! (wink, wink)
backpack image
Backpack with 3-year guarantee. I got so tired of my kids’ backpacks tearing and zippers breaking. I found this bag on Amazon and because it’s considered luggage, I was able to get a 3-year protection plan that covers everything!! so exciting.
customized pencils
Personalized Pencils (WOW!) Your kids won’t have any excuse for losing these personalized pencils ūüôā Wish I had these when I was in school.
fidget toy pack image
50 Fidget Toy Pack My kids love fidget toys. And they each have one in their backpack for the bus. This giant pack will definitely have something your little ones will love.
water bottle stickers
300 CUTE STICKERS. These vinyl waterproof stickers are perfect for water bottles, ipads, notebooks and more. Your kids will love personalizing their stuff!

pop it notebook
Pop it notebook. What kid doesn’t want this fun notebook!

Cool Stuff for Teacher and Mom

pencil earrings
Pencil Earrings. I mean, these are so cute. Perfect for back to school!
back to school yard sign
Back to School YARD SIGN. These are all the rage around our town. They make the perfect First Day of School Props.
erasable pens
Erasable Pens. These are a MUST HAVE. I absolutely love having erasable pens!
back to school bingo
Back to School Bingo. Print 50 unique cards and play the first week of school – or while getting your kiddo excited to go back.
printable bulletin board
Printable Bulletin Board kit. This printable bulletin board was designed specifically to be fast and easy. You print it in black and white ink on color paper. Even the words are designed to be easy to cut out.
back to school sign
Printable First Day of School Signs. You can use these signs year after year, because the downloadable file is editable!
kising hand book
The Kissing Hand Book. This book is a classic, someone got it for us when my first one was headed off to Kindergarten. It is such a sweet story to help little ones.
lunch bag image
Fashionable Lunch Bag. This awesome lunch bag has over 30,000 five star reviews!! must be pretty nice.
calendar image
Big Grid Calendar. My favorite calendar for scheduling all of the school events. Each day has lines that we fill up. And it’s big enough for my family of five.
boynton calendar image
Sandra Boynton’s Family Calendar. This calendar is verticle and has a slot for each person’s activities. It’s pretty cool!
alphabet rug
Alphabet Rug. This rug is so cute and comes in three different sizes. Perfect for a classroom or kids’ room!

Craft Supplies

Pacon Art Street Construction Paper
The number one reason I buy this pack (or similar packs) is because the paper is pre-sorted by color! Generally, I haven’t found bad quality construction paper, but too many times, I’ve bought a pack where the colors were all mixed in. When I do a craft, especially with a group of kids, I need several pieces of the same color. Buying packs like this are a life saver. Buy Now

Crepe Paper
When crafts need tissue paper, it’s sometimes hard to find the color you need -especially orange and green. I’ve found using crepe paper works just as well, if not better! Buy Now

Purple Single Pack
Some large packs are missing purple. Buy Some Now.

Brown Single Pack
Some large packs are missing brown. Buy Some Now.

Heavy Duty Scissors for You
These scissors can cut through multiple sheets of paper! Buy Now.

Fiskars Kid Scissors
We’ve had a ton of kid scissors in our house. I always keep coming back to Fiskars. They’re safe, don’t break, and actually cut the paper. These are my favorite kid scissors. Buy Now.

Swingline Stapler
I use a stapler almost every day when I’m stapling templates to paper to cut out a bunch of crafts at a time. My recommendation is pretty basic: Buy name brand. I’ve had my stapler for over 10 years and it’s a Swingline. Buy Now.

Circle Hole Punchers
At our house, we love poking holes in paper! And there are so many fun craft hole punchers out there, we even have a cow. Start with the basics, you should definitely have a few different size circles. Use these for eyes, spots, wheels, etc. Buy Now.

Fun Paper Punchers
These shapes are so fun! FYI these make pretty small shapes. Buy Now.

Alphabet Hole Punchers
You can make your own words! FYI these make pretty small letters and they’re all upper case.

Crayola Washable Markers
I’ve bought all kinds of markers, especially inexpensive ones and guess what? I always come back to Crayola. They have the most vibrant colors, the makers seem to last longer, the caps fit better. They’re just worth the few extra bucks. Buy Now.

Disappearing Purple Glue Sticks
I love how this glue goes on purple but dries clear. That way the children can see where they’re putting the glue. It really does make gluing with little ones easier. Buy Now.

Sticker Magnets
We all know that kids (and moms) Love sticking artwork on the fridge. You can spice up any of my construction paper crafts with these self adhesive magnets. Buy Now.

Barbed Elastic Cords
I didn’t even know you could buy these in bulk! When I was making my easy Halloween masks, I found them and they are SO easy to work with. Buy Now.

Pipe Cleaners
Pipe cleaners are fun to play with on their own. But my kids especially love adding arms and legs to the crafts we make and pipe cleaners are perfect. Check out the Avocado Craft to see some fun pipe cleaner additions. Buy Now.

Brass Fasteners
These are perfect for making crafts move! You can have moving hands on a clock or make an arm move up and down. Check out my Moving Excavator craft to see how to use Brass Fasteners. Buy Now.

Popsicle Sticks
Did you know you can get colored popsicle sticks? These are fun to play with on their own. But you can also add them to pretty much any paper craft on this site to make a fun hand-held craft. Buy Now.

Colored Paper Plates
Just like colored popsicle sticks, you can also buy colored paper plates. Now any craft that calls for a paper plate painted a certain color, you can skip the painting part and use one of these! It’s super helpful. Buy Now.

Cotton Balls
We love playing with cotton balls, they’re a great sensory item. They also make great snow, animal tails, and whipped cream. They can even double as a paint brush and paint dauber. Check them out on the pumpkin pie craft as whipped cream. Buy Now.

Paint Daubers / Dot Markers
These dot markers are perfect for toddler crafting. Little ones love to stamp on the color. Preschool kids will love making image silhouettes with them, check out the Easter Dot Art craft to see what I mean. Buy Now.

Cool Things for School