New Year Hat Template for 2023 (Free Printable)

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Download the Free New Year Hat Template and make this fun New Years craft for preschoolers. Find step-by-step instructions and Paper Crafts for kids on!

New Year Hat Template by Crafting Jeannie
Get the Free New Year Hat Template

Check out this Easy New Year Hat craft! This is such a quick and enjoyable craft for little ones. Get the Free New Year Hat Template below and you will be able to make enough supplies for a group of 20 kids (or more!) with about 10 minutes of cutting.

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Here’s What You Need

Here’s your New Year Hat craft supply list (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read my disclosure policy for more information):

Make this New Year Hat craft for Toddlers while reading these Fun Books:

Step 1: Download and Print the Free New Year Hat Template

free New Year hat template
Get all six images in the PDF

Download the Free New Year Hat Printable Template. Choose which hat you want to make. You can print it directly onto colored construction paper or print on white copy paper and let the children color it.

Did you know that Party hats are mostly worn on New Years’ eve and of course Birthday Parties? Learn more about party hats on

Step 3: Cut out Hat

New Year Hat template printed on paper by Crafting Jeannie
The New Year Hat Template has everything you need to make this fun New Year’s Eve Craft

After you print the hat onto colored or white paper, you need to cut it out. Cut out the large hat shape on solid lines. Then you will be folding on the dotted line. Add glue down the tab and glue the hat together. Punch holes on either side of the hat, add string.

Step 4: How to Make a Paper New Year Hat

New Year craft by crafting Jeannie
I recommend having a finished New Year Hat so the children can see what the final version will look like.
  1. Cut out the hat shape on the solid line
  2. Color your hat with crayons or markers. (don’t forget to write your name on the back of your hat so you know which one is yours)
  3. Fold the tab on the dotted line
  4. Add glue to the tab
  5. Roll the hat to glue the tab to the other side
  6. punch a hole in either side of the hat
  7. measure and add yarn or string
  8. Enjoy!

And you’re finished with your Preschool New Year Craft!

This is a great Holiday craft for preschoolers or a craft to make just for fun. And, it’s the perfect New Years Eve Craft for Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, Toddlers, Daycare, or just a fun craft at home idea.

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As always, I try to make my crafts fast, easy & inexpensive. Enjoy! 

Download the Free New Year Hat Template

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    New Year Hat Craft – Free Template – Easy Paper Crafts for Kids

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