Water Cycle Bingo (Free)

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Water Cycle Bingo - Printable Pages

Use these FREE Printable Water Cycle Bingo Game Cards to practice the Water Cycle for Kids.

Your kids will have fun learning about the Water Cycle with these FREE Water Cycle Bingo Cards. If you’re creating a lesson plan about the water cycle, this is the perfect fun activity to get the kids laughing and having fun. All you have to do is print the pages out and they are ready-to-go. Bingo also doesn’t require any special supplies or equipment. Just bring some crayons or pencils to mark the cards with an “X”.

This bingo is perfect for Water Cycle lessons and weather lessons. It’s easy enough for preschool, kindergarten or elementry school .

Water Cycle Bingo - Sample bingo card
Sample Bingo Card

Grab your Free Water Cycle BINGO Printable now!

Bingo is the perfect party game because it’s easy-to-play for all ages and fun for many different sizes of groups. It’s perfect for classrooms, Scout troops, Homeschool, and more! This printable bingo game contains 30 Unique Bingo Cards (Color and Black and White)

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, you will love this Free Printable Water cycle Bingo. You can print as many as you like.

This Water Cycle bingo includes the following Images:

  • Sun
  • Earth
  • Snowflake
  • Raindrop
  • Collection Lake
  • Blue Water Cycle Arrow
  • Mountain with river and lake
  • Evaporation Arrows
  • A Water Cycle Symbol
  • Trees
  • Clouds
  • A rain cloud
  • A snow cloud
  • Hot Thermometer
Water Cycle Bingo - Printable Pages

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Playing Water Cycle Bingo

Here’s how to play the bingo game:

  • Print out one bingo card for each player.
  • Print out one page of calling cards. Cut out the calling cards and place them into a bag or hat.
  • Pull one card at a time from the bag and describe the image to the players before showing them the card. For example, “Earth” or “Blue Arrow.” Then show them the picture.
  • Each player should find that image on their card. They can either write and “X” over the image with a pencil or crayon. OR cover the corresponding image on the bingo card with a Bingo marker (Stickers, Cheerios, or even pennies all make great markers!).
  • To win a round of Classic Bingo, a player must be the first to cover 5 spaces in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and shout out “BINGO!”

Just scroll to the bottom of the page to grab your Free Bingo now.

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Download the Free Water Cycle Bingo Cards

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    Printable Bingo – Water Cycle for Kids

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