Water Cycle Worksheets (Free PDF)

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Get the Free Water Cycle Worksheets PDF and Learn about the Water Cycle for Kids.

Free Water Cycle Worksheets by Crafting Jeannie

These simple worksheets are the perfect way to introduce preschoolers and kindergarteners to the water cycle steps. You can talk with the children about precipitation, collection, evaporation and condensation.

The Free Water Cycle PDF includes three Water Cycle Diagrams to help explain the steps of the water cycle as well as two lesson check worksheets. The PDF also includes one page of simple Lesson notes.

Did you know that the water cycle is also known as the β€œhydrologic cycleβ€œ. Read more on Nat Geo Kids.

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Grab your Free Water Cycle Worksheets now!

Keep reading for details about each page included in Free PDF. After you download your free worksheets, use the following books to add to your water cycle lesson plan:

Use these books to suppliment your Water Cycle lesson:

The Free Water Cycle Worksheets PDF includes:

  • A Simple Water Cycle Diagram
  • A Coloring Page
  • A Detailed Water Cycle Diagram
  • Two Lesson Check Worksheets
  • Water Cycle Lesson Plan Notes

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Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, you will love these Free Water Cycle Worksheets. You can print as many as you like. Use them to introduce your children to the Water Cycle Steps. These are a great addition to a Weather Lesson plan and are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, daycare, or just for fun!

Simple Water Cycle Diagram

Water Cycle Diagram Simple
The PDF includes a simple water cycle diagram.

This simple diagram is perfect for introducing children to the steps of the water cycle. It uses images to represent the steps of Precipitation, Collection, Evaporation, and Condensation. Children can easily see how water moves through the hydrological cycle.

Water Cycle Coloring Page

Water Cycle Coloring Page
The Water Cycle Coloring Page

The simple water cycle diagram also comes as a black and white coloring page. As you show the children the water cycle steps, they can color along!

Water Cycle Lesson Plan Notes

As you show your children the water cycle diagram, you can discuss the Water Cycle Steps using the Free Lesson Plan notes.

The simple Lesson Plan defines the water cycle and terms found at each step of the cycle. It includes definitions for the terms: evaporation, water vapor, condensation, precipitation, collection, and the water cycle.

Water Cycle Lesson Plan for Kindergarten
Simple Water Cycle Lesson Plan

These notes match what is discussed in the following video.

This Video is an excellent resource for explaining the Water Cycle for Kids.

  • First, you can watch the Water Cycle video with your children.
  • Then, you can review the free lesson plan notes as you show the kids the simple water cycle diagram.
  • Children can color along with you while you describe each step of the cycle.
  • Finally, you can use the following worksheet as a lesson check, as seat work, or as homework.

Water Cycle Worksheet – Lesson Check and/or Homework

Water Cycle for Kindergarten - simple worksheet
Water Cycle Worksheet for Preschool or Kindergarten

Use this worksheet as your lesson check. Children can cut out the images and paste them into the appropriate places in the water cycle. This is a very simple worksheet and correlates with the simple water cycle diagram.

If this worksheet is too simple, the PDF also includes a Water Cycle Diagram with the labeled steps. Check it out:

Water Cycle Diagram – Handout Including Terms

Water Cycle for kids - Two worksheets to explain the water cycle
Free Water Cycle Diagram Worksheets

These water cycle worksheets, also included in the free PDF, have more detail. The first worksheet shows images of the water cycle steps with each section labeled. The labels include: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.

The second worksheet is exactly the same as the first except the children will need to provide the labels for each step. This handout includes a Water Cycle word bank. Children can either cut and paste the terms into the appropriate locations or they can write the words into the boxes.

These worksheets are the perfect introduction to the Water Cycle.

Water Cycle for Kids - six printable worksheets about the water cycle
Pages of the Free Water Cycle PDF

Just scroll to the bottom of the page to grab your Free Water Cycle Worksheets now.

Want More Preschool Activities:

I hope you have tons of fun and learning with these free water cycle worksheets!

Download the Free Water Cycle For Kids Worksheets

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    Water Cycle for Kids – Free Water Cycle Worksheets

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