Paper Scrabble Ornament (Free Template)

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Need a Christmas Craft for a group of kids? Quickly make the supplies for these Easy Scrabble Tile Ornaments for kids with step-by-step instructions and Free Printable Template!

paper scrabble ornaments that say peace, joy and zoey

This scrabble Christmas craft is completely paper! How cool is that?

Get the Free Scrabble Ornament Printable below and you will be able to make enough supplies for a group of 20 kids (or more!) with only about 15 minutes of cutting.

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Here’s What You Need

Here’s your Paper Scrabble Ornament supply list (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read my disclosure policy for more information):

Step 1: Download and Print the Free Ornament Template

Download the Free Scrabble Ornament Printable. In the next step, learn how to use the template pages to make all the scrabble ornament supplies you need for your group of kids.

pages of scrabble ornament printable
The Scrabble Ornament Template includes the bow, the base rectangle and 7 pages of letters.

Step 2: Staple and Cut Out the Basic Shapes

paper bow template for scrabble ornament ready to cut

Once you have the paper bow template printed, staple it to construction paper and cut out multiple shapes at a time.

Note: If you want to make this craft with a group of kids, you can staple the template to up to 10 sheets of copy paper, 5 sheets of cardstock or 5-8 sheets of construction paper.

So, did you know, you can staple together 10 pieces of copy paper and cut out 10 shapes at a time?! That’s my SECRET to fast & easy crafting.

Stapling the paper is very important because it makes sure it doesn’t move as you cut. The more staples the better. Cardstock is the thickest so you may only be able to cut 5 sheets at a time.

Cut out strips of green paper for the base rectangle

There is a rectangle included in the template, but this may not be long enough if children will be using their names or longer words like “Peace”.

Instead of using a template, it’s easier to stack 5-8 pieces of green construction paper and cut out strips about 2 inches wide. And then, bring extra green paper when you’re doing the craft to be prepared for longer words.

green rectangles cut out of multiple sheets of paper
Remember to cut multiple rectangles at a time. Also, bring extra green paper to be prepared for longer words.

Step 3: Download and Print the Scrabble letter Template

I’ve included LOTS of scrabble letters in the PDF for you – Seven pages worth! I really love printing them directly onto brown construction paper.

scrabble letters on brown paper
Print the letters onto brown construction paper

How to Print or Copy the Letters Directly Onto Construction Paper 

Just trim the brown construction paper to the 8×10 size using copy paper as a template (you should easily be able to trim multiple sheets at a time). Then feed them into the printer or copier.

Also, if you can adjust your printer settings to “draft” quality or a setting that uses less ink, that might be helpful as well. Construction paper is pretty notorious for absorbing liquid.

Just print or use the copier to make as many letters as you need. Use the scrabble letters to spell Christmas words like “Joy”, “Noel” and “Peace”. Or let the children spell their names.

Cutting Out The Scrabble Letters

scrabble letters cut out
Cut the letters into big blocks (like the ones on the left) and let the children cut them into a neater shape (like the ones the right)

In the template, each page of letters is lined-up in rows and columns. The template is designed to be printed and then stacked so that you can cut the letters from multiple pages at a time.

I highly recommend (for your time sake) that you just cut the letters out in big (sometimes un-even) squares. And then the children can cut them into neater squares when they are doing the craft. This saves you time and allows you to have a bunch of letters ready to go.

Step 4: How to Assemble

The kids will love customizing their awesome scrabble ornaments.

Make the Paper Bow

four steps to make an easy paper bow
  1. start with the piece that looks a little like sunglasses
  2. pull each of the outer ends of the sunglasses to the center and glue it down (see image) – you made need to hold it in place for 30 seconds
  3. glue the new loop shape onto the shape that looks like two mermaid tails (see image) – you will need to put the glue under the loops
  4. add glue to the middle of your new shape and wrap the rectangle around both pieces of paper. Also glue the rectangle in the back (see image)

If this paper bow is too complicated for a younger child, consider using a sticky Christmas bow from the Dollar Store:

Sticky Christmas Bow

Make The Ornament

the scrabble ornaments being made
Arrange the letters and bow onto your green rectangle, leave space at the top to attach the rubber band
  1. choose which word you will spell out on your ornament
  2. collect (or cut out) the letters you need
  3. leave a space the size of three of your fingers at the top of your green rectangle – it’s a space to add something to hang your ornament from the tree
  4. glue your bow onto the green rectangle directly under the space you left
  5. arrange the letters onto the green rectangle (from top to bottom) under your bow – make sure they fit and everything is spelled correctly.
  6. glue your letters onto the green rectangle to make the word you chose
  7. cut any extra paper from the bottom of your green rectangle if it’s too long

Add The Rubber Band Hanger

add rubber band hanger
Attach the rubber band hanger: Flip over, thread on rubber band, fold down and glue.
  1. flip your ornament over
  2. thread the rubber band onto the top
  3. fold the extra piece of paper down over the rubber band
  4. glue the folded sheet of paper in place
  5. don’t forget to write your name on the back!

And you’re done!!

This is such a fun Christmas craft for kids. These scrabble ornaments are easy enough for preschool, elementary, Scouts or just a fun craft at home idea.

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