Patriotic Crafts for kids

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Looking for Patriotic Crafts for Kids? Then you’re in the right place! Crafting Jeannie is your headquarters for Easy Crafts for Kids!

Patriotic crafts for kids by Crafting Jeannie - Construction paper American flag crafts, coloring pages, and an eagle.

Check out these Patriotic Crafts for Kids. These art projects are all about the red, white & blue. They include flags, coloring pages, even an eagle.

I love using printable craft templates to make crafts with kids. In fact, I love it so much, I made a whole website about it. I’m so glad you found me. On, EVERY SINGLE CRAFT comes with a Craft Printable. Let me tell you a little bit more, and while I do, I’ll share some of my favorite Patriotic crafts for kids which all come with a FREE PRINTABLE TEMPLATE.

This page includes the following Activities for USA Patriotic Holidays:

President’s Day Crafts (Third Monday of February)

Memorial Day Crafts (last Monday in May)

Flag Day Activities (June 14th)

4th of July Craft Ideas (July 4th)

Labor Day Crafts (first Monday in September)

Election Day Crafts (Early November)

Veteran’s Day Activities for Preschoolers (November 11th)

Just click on the link to the craft you like, skim through the instructions and grab the free craft template at the end of each post!

Make these for any US holiday, to decorate your house or take to parades. Let your children’s creativity and imagination run wild.

American Flag Craft

American flag craft made of construction paper on blue background
American Flag Craftft – Free Template!

Check out this super easy American Flag Craft for kids! All you need is red, white and blue paper and the kids will love making a flag all their own. Your children will love gluing the red stripes and white stars onto this construction paper flag. This easy flag is a great craft for every American Holiday!

Free United States Coloring Pages

United States Coloring Pages by Crafting Jeannie
Free United States Coloring Pages

A great Veteran’s Day Activity for Preschoolers is to have them color some USA Coloring Pages. Your kids will have fun learning about all about the United States with these super cute, FREE printable united states coloring pages.

The United States coloring page pdf includes three united states map coloring pages, one Statue of Liberty Coloring page, and two US flag coloring pages.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, you will love these Free United States Coloring Pages. You can print as many as you like. Use them to teach your children about the Unites States, the US Flag, and the Statue of Liberty. These are great to keep kids busy in class, as preschool or kindergarten homework, extra seat work, or just for fun!

Heart American Flag Craft

Heart shaped American flag craft for group of kids
Heart Flag Craft – Free Template

Your little ones can show their love for the US with the heart American flag craft. Make this easy flag craft to show support on Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or even just for fun on Independence day.

This flag craft will also have your kids practicing fine motor skills and even sneak in a little scissor skill practice. The best part is, this heart flag looks amazing on your fridge.

Grab the free Flag template and make this fun patriotic craft today! 

American Symbols for Kids (printable worksheets)

USA Printable Worksheets
USA Preschool Worksheets

Your children will have fun while they’re learning with these awesome American Symbols worksheets. This PDF includes over 25 Fun USA Themed Preschool Worksheets!

Children can practice letters, numbers, tracing, cutting, coloring and more. This is great practice in a school setting or preschool at home! Easily print all or print just the ones you want! This is perfect for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, or even President’s Day!

Bald Eagle Craft

American eagle craft
Eagle Craft – Free Printable!

This Bald Eagle Craft is so easy and fun! Make it while you learn about Birds or to celebrate all of the American Holidays: 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, even President’s Day. Just grab the FREE Printable Template & Instructions.

Watch the step-by-step video to make this eagle craft:

Your children will love making this majestic bird craft.

Easy Fireworks Craft

paper fireworks craft CraftingJeannie
Fireworks Craft – Free Template

This fireworks craft for toddlers is so fun and simple. You can cut out the shapes and let them have fun creating their celebration scene. Make this craft of the 4th of July or even New Years! It’s filled with paper rockets, stars and explosions. If you’re brave, you can even add glitter!

Did you know that the earliest fireworks came from China around the year 960? Read more about fireworks on

American Flag Craft

simple flag craft by Crafting Jeannie
Flag Craft – Free Template!

Here’s another simple flag craft. Get the free downloadable template and let your kids practice their fine motor skills and scissors skills. Then proudly display your flag banner outside or on your refrigerator.

All you need is red, white, and blue construction paper and a glue stick!

Patriotic Windsock Craft

Flag Windsock Craft by Crafting Jeannie
Flag Windsock Craft – Free Template

Ok, this flag windsock craft will blow your mind (no pun intended). Just take the simple flag craft (mentioned above) and roll it into a cylinder. Add a construction paper handle and boom! Now you have a windsock.

Windsocks are so fun to hang and watch blow in the wind. Get the instructions to make your paper flag windsock here. Attach it to a tree branch outside and your children will love seeing their creation float in the wind.

Door Flag Craft Decoration

door flag craft by Crafting Jeannie
Huge Door Flag – Free Printable

Are you ready to be blown away again? Take that simple flag a step further and create this amazing door-sized flag! The best part is, with the free printable, it only takes about 10 minutes to make!!

Make this fun Door-sized American Flag for a classroom door, holiday decoration, or just for fun! 

USA Bingo

US Bingo Cards by Crafting Jeannie
USA Printable Bingo

Your kids will have fun learning about United States symbols with these FREE printable USA Bingo cards. If you’re planning a family picnic, a US Holiday day at school or just want some USA fun, grab this awesome no-prep game.

All you have to do is print the pages out and they are ready-to-go. This bingo doesn’t require any special supplies or equipment. Just bring some crayons or pencils to mark the cards with an “X”.

Here’s one that Mom will love – Patriotic Handprints

USA handprint craft by crafting jeannie
Free Patriotic Handprint Templates

Your toddlers will love getting their hands all covered with paint. And mommy will love having a keepsake of her little one’s handprint. This DIY handprint craft is so simple

Just print out the template and add your little ones’ prints.

I hope you enjoyed these patriotic crafts for kids. But there’s more….

Do You Love Craft Templates? How About a whole Year’s Worth?

A Year of Crafts by Crafting Jeannie

In my eBook, A Year of Crafts, You get 350+ pages of crafts. There are over 52 Crafts, and EVERY SINGLE ONE comes with a PRINTABLE TEMPLATE and Step-by-Step Instructions to make AND prepare each craft. It includes:

– 9 Animal Crafts with templates
– 7 Vehicles Crafts with templates
– 5 Food Crafts with templates
– 4 Seasons Crafts with templates
 – 6 Holidays (5+ crafts for each holiday)

Click Here to Learn More about A Year Of Crafts!

I hope you enjoyed these fourth of july craft printables. Find Patriotic Crafts here.

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