Scrap Paper Christmas Tree (Free Template)

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Make the supplies for this simple scrap paper Christmas Tree, with step-by-step instructions and Free Printable Template!

scrap paper Christmas Tree by Crafting Jeannie

Check out this cute and easy Paper Christmas Tree Craft! Just use scrap paper or let your group of kids rip up their own. It’s the perfect Christmas tree activity for preschool, elementary classrooms, crafts at home, or a Christmas class party.

Get the Free Scrap Paper Tree Printable below and you will be able to make enough supplies for a group of 20 kids (or more!) with only about 10 minutes of cutting.

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Here’s What You Need

Here’s your scrap paper Christmas tree supply list (This post contains affiliate links to the products mentioned. Read my disclosure policy for more information):

Step 1: Download and Print the Free Template

Download the Free Scrap Paper Tree Printable and print out as many trees as you need. In the next step, learn how to cut out as many stars as you need.

pages of Scrap paper tree Craft printable
The Scrap Paper Tree PDF has everything you need for this easy Christmas craft

Step 2: Cutting out the Star Shapes

If you want to use solid stars instead of yellow scrap paper, you will need to cut them out. Print a copy of the star template page. Then staple it to yellow construction paper and cut out multiple shapes at a time.

star template for tree craft ready to cut
staple the template to multiple sheets of yellow paper to cut out lots of stars at once

Note: If you want to make this craft with a group of kids, you can staple the template to up to 10 sheets of copy paper, 5 sheets of cardstock or 5-8 sheets of construction paper.

So, did you know, you can staple together 10 pieces of copy paper and cut out 10 shapes at a time?! That’s my SECRET to fast & easy crafting.

Stapling the paper is very important because it makes sure it doesn’t move as you cut. The more staples the better. Cardstock is the thickest so you may only be able to cut 5 sheets at a time.

Step 3: Cutting Up Scrap Paper

You may already have a stash of scrap construction paper. For this Christmas Tree craft you’ll need green, brown, and yellow (if you’re doing a scrap paper star). Just grab you paper cut it into small shapes or let the kids rip it as they make the craft.

hand cutting scraps of green paper for tree craft
stack multiple pieces of paper to cut out a lot at once.

If you plan to cut paper for this craft, just cut strips of paper about one inch wide. Stack and line up your strips of paper to cut multiple sheets at a time.

Tip: This craft uses more paper scraps than you think!

Step 4: How to Assemble

Remember, especially with this craft, kids each work at their own pace so you will have some that finish quickly and some that are much slower.

Tip: Make sure to bring extra construction paper because this craft uses more than you think!

scrap paper Christmas Tree for a group of kids
  1. brown scrap paper goes on the trunk and green paper goes on the tree
  2. grab a piece of scrap paper
  3. either paint some white school glue on the back or rub it onto the top of your glue stick
  4. push the paper piece onto to the tree where you want it
  5. continue until the tree is full – try to stay in the lines
  6. glue on the star OR use yellow scrap paper to fill in the star
  7. Optional: Add gold glitter to your star
  8. Optional : Add stickers, shapes, or draw to decorate your tree
  9. Don’t forget to put your name on the back.

And you’re done!!

This is a great Christmas craft. And it’s easy enough for preschool, elementary classrooms, Scouts or just a fun craft at home idea.

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Download the Free Scrap Paper Tree Printable

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    Scrap Paper Christmas Tree – Christmas Craft for a Group of Kids

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